Jeff Krentel Photography
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All things seen.



Weddings, Engagement, and Family

In DC and across the US, I've photographed engagements, weddings, and families for friends new and old. With a laid back style, from the engagement shoot to the wedding, I aim to help make the big day just a bit easier. 

Professional and Business

Whether you need a headshot or photos for your business, I love working with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals to give their work a snappy look and boost.


Travel and Live Music


To keep my craft invigorated, I love to capture my experiences traveling around the world and the joy of live music. 




With a focus capturing the essence of the people, happenings, and a bit of style, I work hard to make the photography aspect of your wedding a detail that you don't have to worry about.  I always love the moments away with the couple for portrait photos where they get to slow down and enjoy each other in a quiet moment and appreciate the joy of such a great occasion.  



A warm up to the big event.


Engagement photos are a fun casual way to capture the spirit of two people in love. It is also a great way for folks get used to having an excessive amount of photos taking of them so they can be able relax on the wedding day. 



Christmas Cards, etc.. 


Whether you just want some photos to put up on the walls, your wallet, or a just good photo for the yearly Christmas card, I love doing sessions to capture the strong bond and love between family members. 



Photos to Build Your Business (and you)


Professional, high quality photos can give you that clean professional look that your business or professional profile needs to help get you more clients or that job you've always wanted. 



Travel and Live Music

           All the sights and sounds from DC and around the world.